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Park Owner's Association

Palm Beach Park of CommercePalm Beach Park of Commerce

Palm Beach Park of Commerce Association is the governing body for Palm Beach Park of Commerce (PBPOC).  The Association is responsible for the maintenance of the common area which includes landscaping, railroad side track including three railroad crossings, plus the operation and maintenance of the water/wastewater infrastructure.   The Association has a Declaration and By-Laws as its governing documents.

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors (5) currently appointed by the Declarant (West Palm Beach Industrial Investor). The Association also has a Land Development Review Board (LDRB) that is solely responsible for review new construction to vacant land and also changes to existing buildings.   The LDRB reviews and approves submittals to be compliance with the Association’s Design Guidelines.  

 In addition to the Association documents, there are other governing documents with reference the water and wastewater that explain the terms of use for the water/wastewater infrastructure.  These documents are the Uniform Service Policy and the Pre-Treatment Rules & Regulations.

The Association also has a Hazardous Management Plan.

Management Office

Palm Beach Park of Commerce Association
15132 Park of Commerce Blvd.
Suite #101
Jupiter, Florida 33478
Jeanne Murphy, CPM - Manager
Phone: 561-625-8027
Email: [ click here ]


Cushman and Wakefield (Broker for Developer)
Christopher Thomson
Phone: 561-227-2019
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S&K Realty (S&K sites)
Steven Garine
Phone: 561-212-0142
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